Pele the Pudelpointer

This is Pele, our Pudelpointer.  What is a Pudelpointer?  Pudelpointers are an interesting breed.  They are a German breed from the 1800's and were created by breeding poodles and pointers, with a heavier ratio of pointers.  The idea was to create what is called a 'versatile' hunting dog, also sometimes referred to as a versatile gun dog.  The result is a dog that will point, retrieve, have an excellent field nose and desire to hunt.  This eliminates the need for a hunter to own multiple dogs for different game.

We love Pele, she is so smart and cute!  We take her about once a month for hunting training, which is predominantly placing quail in the field for her to find and point, pheasant tracking, and duck retrieval.  Up until recently, she had refused to swim to retrieve waterfowl, which was very disappointing to me personally, because the bird hunting that interests me the most is duck hunting.  This is because I very much enjoy cooking and preparing duck.  I promise to post a duck entry and teach you how to make your very own duck confit, which is actually quite easy.  Rendering duck fat and reserving it for other uses is also wonderful.  At the end of this summer, however, to my incredible delight, Pele swam and retrieved!  We were so pleased and proud.