Homekeeping Ideas!

Now that spring is here and summer is just around the corner, there are beautiful flowers everywhere!  I really love small vases and having just one or just a few flowers as an arrangement.  I like this because it's not overpowering and doesn't get in the way.  I recently bought some small porcelain sake bottles, just 5-6 inches high, and they make great bud vases. 

Here's a small idea that might brighten your home- I buy orchid plants instead of cut flowers (they last for quite a long time with the proper care) and I replace the plastic ties that attach the stems to the supports with decorative ribbons.  Here's two examples, the white phalaenopsis orchid with the pink ribbon and the cymbidium orchid with the brown and pink ribbon.  Choose ribbon that goes with your decor or is seasonally appropriate!  Our orchids had festive red bows for the holidays :)

How to select your orchid?  Choose a plant that still has several buds that have not yet opened.  That will give you a longer blooming period.  How to care for your orchid?  I water my orchids once a week and if it is very dry in the house, I also spray the plant itself (leaves, flowers) with water in a spray bottle.  They do ok!