He's coming to get you!!!!
This is about our son, when he was about 8-10 months:

Our little baby boy is just so cute!  And such a good eater!  I am surprised by many of the things he likes to eat.  Currently, his favorite food is soft goat cheese.  He loves gelato, he makes an urgent squealing noise if you don't keep the bites coming fast enough.  When we were in Italy recently, my husband gave him a taste of some panna cotta, and little baby climbed out of his high chair on to the table and was going straight for the plate!  It was hilarious.  He also likes plain yogurt, which is great because he's not getting the added sugar of flavored yogurt.

For Halloween baby was a little lion!  Here he is in the hood part, is that not the funniest thing!

He was a lion ROAR! for his first Halloween
Here is baby his first time swimming!  No one had told me about swim diapers at that point, so he weighed an extra ten pounds :)  One of my friends told me soon after when we took our babies swimming together at the pool!

Swimming with Mama!!
Asleep in Mama's lap at his Christening
Close to 1!  An exploring machine!
Our little baby girl is now about 5 months- (as of Oct. 2012) and she is so, so sweet!  She loves to be held, which is such a delight, since our son was a bit of a greased pig.  Just wanted to go go go all the time!  Still does!  Here are some little baby girl pictures: