February 19, 2014

Share a Kindle Account- Instant Book Club!

A few years ago, my mother and sister both got Kindles.  Reading has always been BIG in my family.  And to say it's big for my sister is truly an understatement.  Here's an excerpt from a recent conversation we had:

Me:  Hey, I've been reading a lot and it is honestly kind of addictive.  Like I can't stop reading and it makes me stay up too late.

Sister:  (laughing)  Hello, have you met me?  Mom and Dad could never get me to go to bed once I learned how to read!

Me:  Right- that's why I'm coming to you for advice, I've been staying up so late, reading this book that is so extremely depressing, but I don't want to stop reading it because I really, really want something good to happen.  It doesn't, by the way.  Don't read this one.

Sister:  I wish I knew what to tell you.

I never got a kindle, although both of them have them.  But, we realized that I could use my ipad just like a kindle, I just needed the kindle app on my ipad.  So, the three of us are all connected to the same kindle account, so we can buy a book once, and then all three of us can read it.  Here's how some conversations go-

Sister:  I just downloaded a series you are going to love to the kindle.  Read it so we can talk about it.  I'm on book two already.  Oh, PS, there's an except at the end from a related series, it spoils the end.  Don't read it.

Me:  On it.  (and then later that week)  Ok, what is up in book four?  I think this has jumped the shark.

Sister:  Sigh, yes.

The most amusing thing about this whole set up, is that it originally was started with my Dad buying the kindle for Mom connected to his Amazon account.  So, to maintain the same account together, when we buy things on Amazon, we do it through his account (we try to keep the downloads to a dull roar in the cost department).  But, you know how Amazon suggests things to you when you log in based on past purchases?  Well, the purchases of three women, who are not afraid to check out the latest Twilight-like series ends up giving him very interesting recommendations.  'So you liked the Hunger Games?  Try these!'  He's, as always, a good sport.

Thank you, Dad!

So get your friends and family together and start a virtual book club!  Happy reading!

Here are just a few of the titles we've enjoyed recently:

The White Queen and all of the books that follow in this series- this book in particular inspired some very interesting discussions between my sister and I on how Henry the 8's actions were potentially influenced by his paternal grandmother and the example of his parents' marriage, and also even how those ideas may have indirectly caused the church split (see, it's not all fluff in our minds)

The Descendants Outstanding, real, insightful

The New Mind of the South I'm not finished with this one yet, it's not a novel so it's slower reading, but I think it has some really good points

The Painter from Shanghai Vivid, interesting, honest

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