October 27, 2013

EB Strong's Restaurant in Burlington, Vermont and Holding on to a Youthful Appearance

Wagyu burger at EB Strong's, Burlington, VT
A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to spend the weekend in Burlington, Vermont, with some very sweet girlfriends.  I have a few friends who attended the University of Vermont (UVM) and they graciously invited me to tag along for homecoming weekend.  It was, actually, the first time I would every be away from my children, basically since I had the first one almost four years ago.  I would say it was time, wouldn’t you? 

I flew in late Friday night- but not too late to enjoy 90’s night at one of the downtown clubs.  It was ironically attended by people born as recently as 1992, but who am I to stand in the way of music appreciation?  There are some serious classics from the 90’s  (i.e. California Love).  On to Saturday brunch- Leunig’s Bistro & Café on Church Street in Burlington’s downtown area is delightful and delicious, truly.  Visit their website: Leunig's Bistro, Burlington, VT

If you’re able to sit in the tented sidewalk area, there is very nice people watching.  Although we enjoyed the brunch menu and a bellini or bloody mary or two- the local Vermont cheese selection on the menu was very, very tempting.  As you may already know, Vermont has many wonderful locally crafted cheeses.  There’s a lot going on really right in Vermont in the food department!

The inspiration for this post was the exceptional dinner we enjoyed at EB Strong’s Prime Steakhouse, also on Church Street in downtown Burlington.  It apparently took the space of a Japanese restaurant that used to be there- something we learned when a few friends wandered in looking for sushi.  This meal was a truly memorable one- from the salad, to the entrée, to the lovely wine.  And our service was very good. 

Let’s talk about the salad- we shared the wedge salad, which had, are you sitting down?  Candied bacon lardons.  And they were candied with, are you still sitting down?  Maple syrup.  Enough said.  There was a local Vermont blue cheese (Boucher Farm) and the lettuce was incredibly fresh and high quality.  We were already incredibly impressed. 

Illahe 2011 Pinot Noir at EB Strong's
The wine was a recommendation from our waitress- I really enjoy wines from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, you might remember that I have several friends from the Portland / Eugene area, here’s a post from a few years ago about a visit there: Expanding the Mommy and Homekeeping Repertoire in Portland, OR  I told our waitress that I really enjoyed wines from that area and what my budget was (about $40) and she recommended an Illahe 2011 Pinot Noir.  Not only was their wine list extensive, it had a very good range of price points (there were at least two in every category close to $40).  This wine was so delicious.  I can’t do it justice- it is a very, very special wine.

For our entrées, we had the Wagyu burger.  Yes, seriously.  It had a local cheddar, fried pickles (yes!!) a bacon aoli and truffle fries.  It was recommended medium, and I might, if I ever have the opportunity to go back there get it closer to medium well, just because it’s a thick, generous burger, but it was fantastic.  With the Illahe Pinot Noir, perfection.  Get yourself to EB Strong’s!  EB Strong's, Burlington, VT

Although I had left my children at home, not all the people visiting for homecoming weekend did the same- in our hotel, with very thin walls I might add, an adorable, well meaning family was staying next door.  I would guess their little girl was 3 or 4.  Guess what musical instrument was included in their luggage for her to express her joy with?  A recorder.  So, every morning at 7:30 or so, we awoke to serenades from her recorder.  It was hard to be mad about it though, it was so incredibly cute.  And it made me miss my little mischief makers!

On to other matters- being in a college town with a tremendous amount of young people around makes you notice things…  Now, I am fairly happy with my appearance and enjoy looking presentable and nice, although, the goals have definitely changed since I have gotten a little older (mid to late 30’s), had two children, etc.  In my 20’s, the goals would be more ambitious?  They are currently to look ‘not gross.’  Or, ‘not embarrass my husband, children or friends in public situations.’  In any event- I took notice of my under eye area this weekend.  I noticed that is where a lot of my age shows- I have dark circles under my eyes.  I’m not upset about this- I have just noted it.  I am ok with being older than a college student.  It was interesting, actually, they seemed so happy and hopeful and looking forward to life- and not that I’m not, but there are things that have been settled and happened and my life moves forward with those- like a husband and children- and I don’t think about life in such an open ended way any more- like, ‘what will I be when I grow up’ kind of mind set.  Anyhow- they were darling and it was joyful to be near it.  We enjoyed an a cappella concert on campus on Saturday night- if you every have a chance to hear the UVM Top Cats, definitely do- they are hilarious and fun and great singers.  

Anyhow, if you’re looking at your under eye area, try (just from the drugstore) Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer, it’s an under eye concealer that looks like a tiny microphone.  I’ve included a picture here to show you what a difference it makes- I put it only under the left eye in this picture- and you can tell the difference.  (It actually makes such a difference it makes my face look asymmetric!)  You can see the darkness under the right side very clearly, that is the side without the Instant Age Rewind.  So get yourself to the drugstore and put a little spring in your step and look super rested and younger!

Left side concealer, right under eye no product (see?!)

Thank you for reading!  xo

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