July 17, 2013

Mommy Solutions: The Buff Manicure

Buff Manicure
Mommy hands!  They get used for an awful lot, don't they?  Cooking, cleaning, maybe I should say cleaning about three more times to do it justice, smoothing cowlicks, patting boo boos- well this list could just go on for about another paragraph or so...  Ok- so your hands as a Mom are taking a beating- at least mine are!  Now, everyone is different, but I really like to have manicured hands.  I really like bright nail polish, and my nails don't get too long, so by default I have relatively short nails with bright polish (when I'm keeping it together / presentable).  However- now this is the motivation for this post and recommendation, my nail polish gets ruined pretty fast by the sunscreen I am continuously slathering on (now) 3 people at least once a day...  Literally, under these conditions, my manicure will last maybe 24 hours before the nail polish starts to chip, flake, generally look yellow or like it's separating from the nail.  Foo!  (Light colored nail polish looks worse faster, showing the yellowing effect.)

So I got to thinking.  What's my goal here?  Well, for me, I would like for my hands and nails to look healthy, neat and attractive, and be able to withstand all the summer sunscreening.  Then it hit me, I need a manicure that buffs my nails into a lovely smooth shine that is polish-free!  If you also experience this frustration, why not go get yourself a buff manicure?  Most nail salons offer this choice in addition to the traditional manicure.  The additional upside is that there is no drying time- you can just walk out and back onto duty as super Mom!

A dear friend of mine, who read this original post, offered some very sage advice that I share with you- while buff manicures are lovely, don't do them too, too often, the sanding and shining of the nail makes it slightly thinner.  So, if you do this continuously, you'll have weaker nails :( and that was never the goal!  So, treat yourself with care!

To do a buff manicure yourself, which is 100% doable, you will need a special buffing block.  Here is one available on amazon: Buffing block  The whole process here is that the nail is first smoothed with a little abrasion, then it is rubbed with a smooth surface and the friction actually causes the nails to become shinier and more water-resistant.  What Mom doesn't need that?

Now your hands, Mom, are ready for anything!

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