June 5, 2013

Potato Salad (Without Mayonnaise)

Potato Salad (Without Mayonnaise)

This delicious potato salad uses an olive oil and white wine vinegar dressing instead of mayonnaise.  Fear not, Southern friends, it still has mustard!  It has the lovely additions of some cornichons and a few capers to make it nice and salty.  Fire up your BBQ (we favor The Big Green Egg at our house) and get a nice crust on some rib eyes to go wtih this- yum!

Potato Salad (Without Mayonnaise)
3 lb. small red potatoes
2 Tbsp salt
3 Tbsp white wine vinegar
1 to 1 1/2 Tbsp Dijon mustard (I used Maille brand)
1/2 cup olive oil
8 cornichons, finely chopped
1 Tbsp capers, drained and finely chopped
1 medium shallot, finely chopped
freshly ground white pepper

Potatoes before boiling
Prepare your potatoes by peeling them and removing the eyes.  Place in a pot to boil, I used my stainless stock pot for this- add enough cool water to cover, place the cover of the pot on, and heat at medium high heat.  It took mine about 15 minutes to come to a boil.  When the water is boiling, (not before), add the salt. Cook between 7-10 minutes (7 for firmer, 10 for slightly falling apart).  Prepare a bowl of ice water while they are boiling.  Once finished, place the potatoes in the bowl of ice water.  Reserve about 1/4 cup of the cooking water.

To make the vinaigrette, combine the vinegar, mustard, olive oil, cornichons, capers and shallot.  Some specifics here- Maille brand Dijon mustard is a little hot.   If you are using a more mild version, add 1 1/2 Tbsp.  If you like it on the hotter side, add 1 1/2 Tbsp (of Maille if you like!)  Also, the onion increases in strength if this is eaten a few days later.  So- if you plan to eat this right away, I'd probably use 1 1/2 Tbsp of  mustard, and or substitute red onion instead of shallot.  However, if you plan to eat this not right away, I would really steer clear of red onion- it seems to exponentially increase in strength while being stored in the fridge!


Maille brand cornichons


Cut the cooled potatoes into bite sized pieces.  Place in a wide bowl (makes it easier to mix).  Add the cooking water to either the vinaigrette or the potatoes- doesn't matter, they're all going to be one big happy family in a second.  Add the vinaigrette (which I like to use a ball whisk to combine it first) and fold together.  Add the pepper- I used probably 30 grinds of a small white pepper grinder.  Taste, you may need a little more salt and pepper depending on a few factors (salted water for potatoes, amount of mustard, heat of shallot and or red onion).

Enjoy!  This is a popular summer dish in our house.  Try adding some crumbled cooked bacon- try it with a nice seared steak or grilled chicken.  Leftovers of this salad are great, too!

Summer fun in the kiddie pool!

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