March 5, 2013

Disney Princess Half Marathon! It Actually Happened!

All I can say is, what fun!  A special thank you to my sister for all her hard work and preparation to get us there!  She had everything we needed and fixed our costumes (my bulging biceps put a little too much pressure on my delicate Snow White sleeves)- you name it, this lady can do it!  Believe it or not, I'm considering another one on March 23... although I haven't signed up yet, I will keep you posted!  A special thank you also to Cheryl K!  I loved your comments and thought of you often that weekend and during the race (but you are a speed demon compared to me! Way to go Cheryl!!!!!!!)   We are still in one piece, thankfully, although that one piece was pretty much held together by compression leggings the rest of that day- we actually also fell asleep in the waiting area of Chili's later that day- we were pretty much narcoleptic after that!!  Best of luck to Chocolate Purples- I am sure you will do wonderfully!  I have not decided yet about next year, but will let you know!  

Now, here is a story best told in pictures:

Our adorable Ariel (the redhead) and my sister

Daddy and son enjoying the pool at the Pop Century Resort

Prep area costumes- Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Snow White

We're ready to go!

Yes, I am tired!  It is early, people!

Adorable fairies and princesses

Get going!

Arg!  Avast Ye, Matee!

One of many tutus, costumes and fairy wings discarded along the road

Magic Kingdom here we come!


Please pose with your respective villan

Possibly the best sign ever: "I am cheering you on, sweaty stranger"

An 'after' shot- because we don't have a picture of us asleep in the Chili's waiting area...
 The excitement was contagious- here is a little video of my corral before we started:

A little advice to people considering it for the future- you need to sign up at the same time as people you want to run with, because (unless you have times from other races) they put you in corrals on a first come first served basis.  Also, it's convenient to stay at a resort that will have transportation.  And most of all, have fun!

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Laura Dembowski said...

It looks like such a fun time! All of those costumes are so cute. Everything seems like more fun at Disney, including marathons.