February 21, 2013

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time... The Disney Princess Half Marathon Approaches...

Ever since I can remember, my mother has joked that her autobiography would be called, 'It seemed like a good idea at the time,' and that is precisely how I'm feeling about the half marathon...  To see the genesis of this idea click here: Mama Needs to Get Back in Shape and to see the progress click here: All the Notes on Training

It's obviously a genetic quality?  These plans we later regret?!  We are leaving on Saturday morning and the race is on Sunday morning.  When I look back on what the training program was supposed to be and what it actually ended up being, there' a bit of a gap... ok, so it's a big gap...  I didn't factor in natural disasters, like hurricane sandy, where we were without power for 8 days- running was not really on the top of my mind, showering held more appeal and heat and food that might not have come from a can- and then the recent blizzard- yes, not able to run around then, either.  And the sickness- oh my goodness- I am fairly sure I may have had the flu twice- two children 3 and under in the winter are like licking the bottom of a shoe that has been in the ER.

But here's the bright side- I never would have done this if my sister hadn't suggested it- and I'm so grateful to her for suggesting it.  I've thoroughly enjoyed the running and I have lost all my pregnancy weight, and then some!  I need to buy new clothes!  Finally, it's an excuse for us to see each other, since we don't live too close.  So, even if I don't finish, or hobble around for days afterward, or pass out in my snow white costume face down in the small world ride- I showed up :) and I get to see my wonderful sister, who is one of my absolutely best, best friends.  There are some things that she will only understand.  I'm sure you have siblings and friends like that, too.

My technical biggest concern is the nursing, actually.  I have noticed the training reduce my milk supply.  I recently learned that eating fennel and taking fenugreek (like a vitamin pill- they have it at whole foods) helps your milk supply!  And I confirmed with the pediatrician it is ok.  So that's what I've been doing.  Need a fennel idea or two?  Check 'em out, y'all, and happy eating and half marathoning!

Blood Orange, Fennel and Mache Salad

Rib Eyes and Fennel and Mache Salad

I guess I eat a lot of fennel with mache!

xo  Jessica

ps- Cheryl K, you are the cutest, I adore you, your comments have been such a treat!  I think I am in corral G with my sister, but one of our friends may be in your corral- I will be dressed up as snow white!  Hope we connect, although I think it's like 22k people?!!!  Best of luck and thank you so much!

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