October 1, 2012

Mama Needs to Get Back in Shape / How I Decided to Run the Disney Princess Half Marathon

Nursing Pajamas...  Post Pregnancy Body!
Here are words I never thought I would utter- I'm running a half marathon!  Did I mention that it is a Disney, princess themed, run through Disney world half marathon?!  About a week ago, my sister called me and suggested it- it's in February, she found a training plan for beginners (that is both of us) and the training starts in October- tomorrow (10/2/12) to be exact.

This is truthfully just what I need- for several reasons.  First of all, I have pregnancy weight that needs to come off.  Not just from a health or vanity perspective, but also because I refuse to buy new clothes.  So, I've been wearing the same couple of nursing outfits over and over and over, and, not only are they starting to disintegrate from excessive washing and wearing, this charming little situation happened.  I really enjoy volunteer work and fundraising.  One of my current committees is helping our local hospital raise money.  There was a meeting of our committee, followed by a really beautiful fashion show a few weeks ago.  There were some pictures taken of our meeting and our viewing of the fashion show.  Now, obviously to an event like this I did not wear 'nursing pajamas,' which is what I wear otherwise and am in fact wearing right now.  I wore the only sort of dressy outfit that fits me right now, which is a boucle skirt and a silk jersey wrap top with a pair of wedge heels.

Fast forward one week.  I have a group of friends up here, who are just so charming and adorable, and also happen to be Southern, and one of them had the delightful idea of us forming a bridge group.  None of us, however, know how to play.  So, she planed a beautiful lunch at her home, which, I wish I had brought my camera to and been able to blog about!  (Next time, I will!)  Her home is beautiful and the lunch spread was divine.  There was a salad with green grapes, roasted pistachios and asiago cheese, and the miniature sandwich I had (two of) had fresh mozzarella, balsamic dressing, fresh tomato and basil on ciabatta.  (Did I mention that she also has a one month old baby and had flawless hair and makeup?!  Loving her!)  Her mother was visiting from  Little Rock and is herself a very accomplished bridge player, and following a lovely lunch, we all had our first bridge lesson.  Well, it was just a lovely afternoon, and what I often romanticize being a stay at home mom is like- and every now and then you get those moments, some free time to yourself, some time with friends, a lovely lunch and stimulating conversation, a break from the chaos that being a mom of little ones can sometimes be...  Well, I get home that night and one of the ladies had emailed me, complimenting the pictures of me from the previous week's fashion show.  Well, are you ready for this?  I was wearing the EXACT SAME THING in the pictures that I was wearing at that exact moment.  Wow.  Just wow.  If that is not the saddest little cry for help my wardrobe has ever issued, I don't know what is!  I called my sister and said, sign me up, we're running this thing!  (As a side note, the friend that had emailed me did so in complete sincerity and was so kind as to not point out I was wearing the same thing.  When I emailed her back laughing about that, she said another kind thing, stating that considering how recently I had a baby (4 1/2 months ago) at least I was not wearing something with an elastic waist!  I didn't have the heart to write her back and say, 'that skirt used to have an elastic waist but gave out a while back...')

Interested yourself?  Check out the website at:  http://www.rundisney.com/princess-half-marathon/   The more the merrier!!!

We are using the beginner training plan that's available on the website.  It's 13 miles and you need to complete it in 3 hours and 30 minutes- and if your pace is too slow, they might pick you up with a golf cart to hurry you along.  I have two goals- I want to finish, and I want to do it without being picked up in a golf cart.  I'm creating a page to track my progress in my training- http://ladolceduchessa.blogspot.com/p/disney-princess-half-marathon-2013.html you can check back on it to see how I'm doing!  And if you're training too, please let me know how you are doing!

I have already had two workouts this past week, and, although I have not lost weight yet, two meaningful things have happened.  First, I was able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans to a party on Friday night (hooray! Ok, so I could get them on- which is a first, they didn't fit great, but I could close them.) and second, I have honestly felt really great for the past few days.  More energy, less stressed, and more able to honestly handle my daily stresses as a stay at home mom- and- did I mention that my first day of training involved some projectile vomit?  Didn't phase me at all.  Because I am a princess half marathon runner.  And, did I mention my sister is going to make me a Snow White costume?  Yes, we will be running in tutus and tiaras.

You should, too!  Your training starts tomorrow :)  I'll see you in February!


Cheryl K. said...

I am running the Princess 1/2 marathon too! I have been running since January of this year and I completed my first 5k just last month. Apparently I thought that I was now ready for a 1/2 marathon. I think I may be insane. But truthfully, I think you will love running and how it helps your body. After 3 kids of my own, I needed to get some time to myself, and do something just for my own health. I think I finally realized that I was reaping benefits from running when I was running and I could actually carry on a conversation with someone. Keep up your training and I hope to see you at the race! I'll bet you will be great by then!

Cheryl K. said...

I am running in the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon too! I never thought I would say that either! I think I may be insane. I started running back in January of this year to help get me back in shape and to help relieve stress. I just did my first 5k last month and I am hoping that training will go well so I can finish upright and not on that golf cart! Good luck with your training! I am sure you will do very well and those extra baby pounds will be melting off before you know it! Hope to see you at Disney!

La Dolce Duchessa said...

Hi Cheryl! Thank you so much for your comments! Your running sounds incredibly impressive- I'll bet you look AMAZING! And it sounds like you feel great, too :) Please do keep an eye out for me!

xo Jessica

Cheryl K. said...

Sorry Jessica! I sent two submissions for comments. Didn't mean to do that! But I also signed up for updates via email so I can keep up with you. I just bought some new running shoes today, so I hope to have them next week and then my training will be on track. Hope your training is going well!

La Dolce Duchessa said...

Hi Cheryl! Thank you for signing up for the emails! Oooh, new shoes... I have wide feet, let me know how they are! My training is ok- as long as I go 2 miles tomorrow :) Hope yours is going well, too!

Cheryl K. said...

Just an update on my running shoes. I love them! I bought Saucony Guide 5's from the Saucony web site and I got them much cheaper than in the store here. I believe they may come in wide as well. Have you gone to a running store near you to get a gait analysis? That's what I did and I found I needed the extra support in the arch. Hope your training is coming along well. My knees were giving my trouble and now I am doing cross-training to help strengthen them. I am still at the beginning of my training, so my longest distance is only 3 miles. Hopefully I can work up to longer distances as my knees get better.

Chocolate Purples said...

congrats to you all, well I'm starting training for the 2014 Princess half marathon. I've never run a marathon of any size. I'm glad I found your page...I was looking at the training and see that you can pay to join a group or find a program. their times don't work for me so guess I will have to push myself. are you running next year?