October 19, 2012

A Hiccup in My Disney Princess Half Marathon Training...

Well, all was going well until I encountered what appeared to be a lovely steak frites at a local bistro with a fellow mom- lovely dinner, dazzling adult conversation, a delectable glass of cremant- and I'm afraid the next morning at 6 am, I was certain that that steak frites had been evil.  Food poisoning.  Let's leave the detail at that.

Well, it's not part of my plan to lose the baby weight, and I certainly don't recommend it, but four pounds disappeared that day.  In any event, I felt in no condition to run on Thursday, which I was scheduled to do.  I took a nap instead.  Which felt blissfully guilty!

A special thank you to Cheryl K- I LOVE your comments, especially the last one, it was so helpful.  It hadn't occurred to me to go to a running store to do that- and now I will.  Since I have zero experience as a runner, I really did think it was simply putting one foot in front of the other.  Now I don't think that so much :)  Truth be told, by legs have been quite sore, but, the soreness appears to be symmetric, so I am not sure what areas might need help, but I'm sure they will present themselves.

Although I am temporarily off my training schedule- I will persevere and training will resume soon!

Just an update on my Disney Princess Half Marathon training- for more real time updates, visit the page: http://ladolceduchessa.blogspot.com/p/disney-princess-half-marathon-2013.html
and to read about how this all came about, visit the blog post: http://ladolceduchessa.blogspot.com/2012/10/mama-needs-to-get-back-in-shape.html


Stephanie said...

Love your site! You should post some of your food pics on FlauntMyFood.com It would help get you more traffic and links back here!

La Dolce Duchessa said...

Thank you, Stephanie! I will check it out!