May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!  We welcomed our little girl last weekend, hooray!  Everything went well, thankfully.  Here are some pictures- she is wearing a bonnet that I knitted for her and a garment called a 'day gown' that I also made for her- it is my first attempt at smocking.  If you're unfamiliar with smocking, it's a sewing technique that uses gathers that are then held in place with embroidery thread.  I have plans for more elaborate smocking in the future...

In the hospital, I was very fortunate to receive wonderful food brought to me by my family.  All the things I have missed eating while pregnant!  On the first day, there were baguette sandwiches with robiola cheese and fennel dry cured salami and prosciutto, absolutely wonderful!  On the second day, there were croissants with rare roast beef thinly sliced, with arugula, freshly cracked pepper and a hint of dijon and mayonnaise.  Since coming home from the hospital, my darling husband made hanger steak (rare!) with homemade bearnaise and french fries- we love this meal, we eat both the rare steak and the french fries with the bearnaise.  The fresh tarragon really makes this sauce divine!  Tonight, my father is making lamb chops that have been marinating in red wine, rosemary and garlic on the big green egg.

Here is our bow!  I was unfamiliar with this tradition until we lived in the South.  If you are unfamiliar with the tradition as well, when a baby arrives, a large, beautiful bow is affixed to a mailbox or other outdoor item to celebrate the birth.  It's such a standard that when I hadn't put out our bow for our little boy right away, I got several concerned emails asking if everything was alright!  A beautiful way to decorate your home and celebrate your family's exciting time!

I hope your mother's day is filled with fun, family and good food!

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