April 24, 2012

Waiting for the Baby!

Dear friends,

I hope you are all having lovely spring seasons, full of beautiful flowering trees, green leaves, and outside play time!  We are now about two weeks away from our second baby's due date, and I feel so sorry to have been neglecting you!  Truth be told, I have been quite uninspired to cook for the past few weeks, partially because I am so tired of all the things I can't have while pregnant...  Before I became pregnant, with our first and now our second, I never realized just how much I really, really like all the things you aren't supposed to eat while pregnant- like soft unpasteurized cheese, rare red meat, cured meats, wine- anything containing alcohol...  When I had our son, my family was so kind, they brought me a baguette, some wonderful triple cream soft cheese (it may have been robiola, or la tur, I forget), prosciutto and wonderful dry cured salami to the hospital- I think I ate three sandwiches in one meal.  I've also heard stories from friends- a favorite is a husband winding his way down the maternity ward hallway with a beer for his wife- and of course, many people really miss sushi!  Although, I have to tell you, I have a friend from Hiroshima, and she and I have been expecting at the same time and I asked her what people do in Japan about eating sushi while pregnant and she just looked at me like I was crazy.  Apparently that's not an issue there?  I have no idea.  Anyhow, obviously, every expectant mother needs to make her own decisions about what she's comfortable with and what she isn't, and it's very personal.  We all want the best for our babies and how we all go about it doesn't have to be the same!

The hospital bag is packed- and in it I have several things that I have found to be very helpful and important.  The first, is the Belly Bandit.  With my first baby, I think I wore the Belly Bandit for about 6 weeks non-stop.  It was so, so helpful!  Not only did it help to flatten out my stomach, allow me to fit into clothes sooner, but, this is truly the most important aspect, it gave me lower back support and I had less back pain with it.  Let's face it, our core strength is pretty much non-existent once we've been pregnant for 9 months and then you have to keep lifting this little person around!  Or if it's not your first, you have to lift other little people that weigh even more!!!  So, this is very helpful.  This time around I am trying a new model, the BFF, which allows you to adjust the waist, where the original that I had last time, did not.  I am more hourglass than straight, so that's good for me, but I'm sure for other ladies' bodies the original might be a better fit- just depends how God made you :)  And however he did, it is all good!

I also pack olive oil as a moisturizer, partially because I get concerned that the newborn might have a reaction to skincare products I'm wearing.  Olive oil is fairly safe because it's actually used on newborn rashes sometimes.  So, a good thing to have!

Once the baby has arrived, I promise to share pictures and I'll be able to eat (almost) whatever I want again, so I'll certainly be inspired to get back in the kitchen and share ideas with you!  It's lately been fairly pathetic, I eye my husband's porterhouse steak enviously when we're out to dinner, I ask if I can 'smell his wine,' and I gaze longingly at the dessert wine selections...  Not much longer now...

I hope that you are all doing well and I look forward to sharing recipes and ideas with you shortly!

xo  Jessica at La Dolce Duchessa