August 15, 2011

Simple Summer Cucumbers

Celebrate summer with this delicious and wildly simple cucumber dish! This is the way my Grandmother would serve us cucumbers fresh from her garden. It is wonderful as a snack, an appetizer, or as a side dish- serve in place of a salad!

Simple Summer Cucumbers

Cucumber(s) (peeling optional)
Apple cider vinegar, Sea salt

First, wash your cucumber(s). Peeling is optional, I usually don't bother. Remove the very ends of the cucumber where the stem connected, then slice into pieces about 1/3" thick. Place in a shallow bowl, add a little apple cider vinegar (just enough to cover the bottom of the bowl or plate). Sprinkle with sea salt. This salt in the picture has a reddish tint because it is Alaea Hawaiian sea salt, colored by clay, but any variety will be delicious!

While we were traveling, the garden literally went insane! The PVC pipe and hardware cloth covers we put over the beds to keep out 'thieves' have proven to be too short, especially with regard to my ambitious plans to grow vine plants vertically... It probably would have worked a little better had I actually been around to train the vines?! Anyhow, I decided I would just make the covers taller- so one trip to Lowe's and several afternoons during the little one's nap time later, I am almost finished with making the cover on one of the beds super tall... I am hoping the crazy melon plants that might take over the yard will just keep growing up?

The only bad part of this process is that during this work, one of the beds has been completely open to the little thieves and vandals that maraud around the yard- and all of the green zebra tomatoes have been stolen! Even worse, I found a little tomato carcass on the ground today, all sad and empty.

I must console myself with the robust-ness of the melon plants and the promise of other tomato varieties! The basil is looking especially lovely- perhaps we should have some pesto?

Check out these exciting Cherokee purple tomatoes!

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