June 16, 2011

Didn't My Jewelry Used to Be Sparkly?!

Summer- wonderful in many aspects, tough in others, especially tough on everyday jewelry! There is seriously so much crud in my engagement ring. Mostly it seems to be a combination of sunscreen (for myself and baby, which we wear every day) and taco juice. Taco juice? Yes. Here's why- remember how our refrigerator broke a little while back? It broke AGAIN- and was out of commission for another week, so we were eating every meal out of the house. And I happen to have a taco fixation. It certainly helps that the meat and three counter at Whole Foods got transformed into a taqueria, and there's a chipotle very near by- but it did get to the point that when we were deciding what to eat my husband would say, 'no more tacos!' Ok. So, what do you do? It couldn't be simpler, just get a little ball jar, put in just a drop of Dawn dish washing soap, add water about half way, and pop in your jewelry! A few things- first, I have used this method on diamonds set in both platinum and white gold and have gotten very good results. I would not, however, put in things that are more delicate (softer stones, metals, pearls, etc.). But, if your every day jewelry is made of these same materials, this will work really, really well. Here's all you do- put your jewelry in, shake a little, and leave for a little while, overnight if they are really dirty. When you're done soaking them, use a toothbrush to help loosen anything that's still stuck on there and rinse. Be careful when rinsing! They are slippery and you don't want them to fall down the drain! Finally, why Dawn? Well, Dawn is simply amazing for certain things. Its ability to cut grease is so good that rodeo cowgirls use Dawn to wash their horses to keep them looking sharp. How do I know? I have tied up a few goats in my life, doing high school rodeo. My goat string was pink, of course.

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