January 14, 2011

History Never Tasted So Good!

What could be better than an entertaining, interesting read centered around cocktails? Pick up a copy of And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails - begin your journey as the New World finds itself with a surplus of molasses (a sugarcane waste product), which is turned into rum- launching first Barbados into a sort of Internet bubble of wealth- strained political relationships between the New World colonies and Europe- rum's role in Paul Revere's ride, pirates, tiki bars- it's all too much fun! Here's the Amazon link:


My sister, who is simply incredible, gave my husband this book for Christmas. He is a big cocktail guy- in fact, he is working on a 'guest post' to bring you one of my favorite cocktails (a delicious combination of cardamom bitters and rose syrup with a healthy helping of gin... stay tuned). Before he has had a chance to read it, I 'borrowed' it and loved every word!

This book is similar to Salt and Cod, which are outstanding books as well, histories told through one central theme- a food ingredient that has shaped our history meaningfully. This book, And a Bottle of Rum, tells the history of rum and it will really surprise you! Here I was, thinking rum was a Caribbean spirit that had little reach elsewhere- not true! The importance of rum in the creation of the United States will astound you! The reinvention and evolution of rum into all its varieties is incredibly interesting as well.

Delicious recipes are included in the book. I look forward to sampling them all!

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