January 31, 2011

Drum Roll Please... Our Winning Entry! Lobster Salad in Croissants!

Dear readers,

The cocktail hat contest has come to a close and we have an incredible winning post! I can't wait to try this myself! Our winner lives in New Orleans and I think you'll agree that she is a riot and quite an amazing cook! I hope she'll send us a picture of her in her cocktail hat :)

So the steps for a Lobster Roll Croissant are quite simple- assuming of course that you can find a lobster.

If you live outside of New Orleans, and you are lucky enough to be able to find shelled cooked lobster meat, skip to step 8

1. Check Dorignac's, your favorite Metairie Market after work. Empty lobster tank. Phooey.

2. Head down Veterans Blvd. to Winn- Dixie, lobsters, but their steamer is broken. Just because you can boil one at home doesn't mean that you want to. *sigh* Start worrying that the dog hasn't been let out since before you left for work this morning.

3. Check Langenstein's on Metairie Road- Hooray! Lobsters! While your new friends at the fish counter take the 2 lb lobster in the back to whack him, you have 12-15 minutes to pick up croissants and cruise the aisles.

Name the lobster Buddy and contemplate whether lobsters have souls, and why it is different to buy pre-packaged vs. live animals. Thank Buddy and acknowledge the deliciousness of his contribution.

4. Get the lobster home in his plastic bag. Buddy cooled down in the car or else he'd still be too warm to handle. Let the dog out & change into something you don't mind getting spattered with lobster juice.

5. Get the supplies together-

A pan- since Buddy will be a bit messy to dismember.
The plastic bag he came in- perfect for the shell and to discard trash since it will be a bit smelly and getting it out to the trash will be key.
Kitchen shears- a kicky pink pair if you have them. Don't have any kitchen shears? What? Go get some- everybody can wait. Ok- well done. Seriously- a fabulous purchase- you'll use them ALL of the time!
Paper towels- this is a messy, smelly job and you'll want a bunch handy.

6. Here's where you can go your own way- the meat is mostly in the claws and tail. There is an intestine you'll want to discard, as well as some junk in the head that you probably won't want to eat. Snip off the rubber bands on the claws. Twist the tail off of the body and the claws too. There will be some dripping liquid, which is where the pan comes in. There are plenty of resources for the best way to get the lobster meat out of the shell- the Joy of Cooking, Paper place mats in the Northeast, or the Internet. Twisting the joints, cracking the claws (which is difficult with a hard shelled 2 pounder), and cutting the shell open are the basic steps. Watch out for your manicure!

7. Once you have the meat out of the shell, cut it (the kitchen shears again- what did I tell you? There are a million and one uses!) into bite sized pieces.

8. Gather your ingredients-Celery- a few ribs, Mayo, Croissants, Salt, Pepper

9. Mince the celery, drain on a paper towel to get all moisture out. The amount that you use will depend on your taste and how much lobster meat you end up with.

10. Combine lobster meat and celery, add salt and pepper. Add a little bit of mayo to combine- a bit at a time.

11. Slice a croissant horizontally, open and add lobster mixture.

12. Serve with potato chips and a Moxie, if you have one. Yum!

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