November 26, 2010

Simple and Delicious Garlic Bread

You may never make garlic bread any other way again! I know I don't! Forget butter, forget lots of prep time- this garlic bread is a snap and it is incredibly delicious! I got this idea after attending a Spanish cooking class several years ago. Spanish cuisine has something called tomato bread, which includes a technique of using raw garlic cloves on hot, toasted bread. I got to thinking... what if I'm just interested in garlic flavor on the bread? This easy and delicious recipe was born! This uses olive oil instead of butter, which is great because it is slightly more healthy!

Garlic Bread with Olive Oil and Sea Salt
Bread slices
garlic clove(s)
olive oil
sea salt
I use relatively soft bread for this, like ciabatta, or a sourdough, or a boule without a very hard crust on the outside. The softness of the interior of the bread becomes irrelevant once you toast the slices, but the chewiness is wonderful. You may use a toaster or the oven, if you're using the oven, toast the bread slices on a baking sheet at 350 for 8-10 minutes. They won't really be turning brown yet, if you like your bread darker, you can toast the bread slices for longer.
Take a medium sized garlic clove- it needs to be something that you can hold on one end and have good control. Cut off the root of the clove, but cut a sufficiently wide area, you are going to rub this on the toasted bread. Here's a video of how to!

If you are not a huge fan of garlic, rub the bread all over on one side just once, for a bolder flavor, twice (I like twice!). Now, take your olive oil and distribute evenly over the bread. This is the butter substitute, so don't be stingy! Now, sprinkle large grain sea salt over the bread. Enjoy! I serve this with pasta, in the picture above it is featured with my Sausage, Fennel and Cream Pasta Sauce:

In Italian, this type of bread with olive oil and raw garlic is called 'Fettunta.'

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