November 9, 2010

An Adults' Cookie Decorating Party! (With Adult Beverages)

A few years ago, I had a cookie decorating and champagne party for my closest girlfriends. It was so much fun! The idea came to me at the beginning of the holiday season, very few of us had any children at that point and I thought, well, why can't we just get together and decorate cookies ourselves? I scheduled the party for the early afternoon, so people would have already eaten lunch or brunch (in those days, we rolled out of bed LATE and had 'adult' beverages with our brunch). That way, they'd be in good shape to have (another) cocktail or two and nibble on some cookies and a few other snacks.

What's great about this type of party is that there is actually not a ton of prep work for you- you make the cookie dough ahead of time, we had sugar cookie and gingerbread dough. But because your guests make the cookies as the activity of the party, you don't have to do that ahead of time! Feel free to come up with other cookie ideas, like snicker doodles (although I confess I don't know exactly what these are), peanut butter, chocolate chip, the list goes on! Break out a few cutting boards, some flour, a rolling pin and cookie cutters and you are in business. A chilled bottle of champagne (or three) couldn't hurt, either! You know how when you have people over they often ask if they can bring anything? This is an occasion where that is a terrific thing, because you can ask each of them to bring things with which to decorate cookies. You'll get a great variety that way- colored sugars from one friend, red hots and tiny silver balls from another, sprinkles from the next! It's also a fun and unusual thing for them to shop for.

We had such a great time- we wore aprons, some of the ladies had brought their own sweet aprons, one of which had been made by her grandmother, and another brought her copy of US Weekly and we had a blast discussing its top stories. By the end of the afternoon, our cookies were becoming increasingly imaginative, we started using nutella as a topping, some of our circus animals were bright pink, and the best cookie award went to Scottie, who created a pink bikini and matching sunglasses on an adorable rabbit!!! How cute is that!

I am particularly proud of my cookie cutter collection, I have many animals including a lobster, fall leaves, pumpkins, bells and gingerbread men. The lobster cookie cutter is always very popular with the New Englanders :) Your holiday cookie decorating party doesn't have to be all ladies, or even all adults! With a little planning you can have a wonderful afternoon and make enough cookies for everyone to go home with a few. Or, you can make enough for a future party you're hosting! Happy baking!

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